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Helping Women move from Rehabilitation to Performance 

Request a complimentary consultation so we can talk about your needs and goals.

If you're no longer a client, I've done my job...…...

My job is to move you coping with an injury or chronic pain to functionally fit. I have an incremental and supportive approach to training. I focus on

  • strengthening the core
  • correcting posture
  • improving range of motion and flexibility
  • building lean muscle mass
  •  increasing joint tolerance
  •  stress resiliency 

Sessions are 45 minutes in length, and are held in my private studio. If mobility is an issue, please contact me about making alternate arrangements for in-home sessions (including retirement facilities). 

Session can be booked on weekly, monthly or on an as-needed basis - it depends on what you need, whether that's weekly accountability, direction on where to start your journey, or  tweaking an already successful program. 

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